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This is strictly about the Asrock micro-ATX motherboard, K8Upgrade-760GX, installed with an Athlon 64 3000+ processor.

The intend is to describe the progress of installing and have the system up and running.

The page is updated when I make some progress on the installation side ;-)


System components

Installation CD

The Gentoo minimal CD was downloaded as an *.iso image and burned to a CD. The machine will not have a floppy installed, so it must be booted from the CD-Rom for the installation.

Boot from the CD-Rom

Make sure that the first search for a bootable partition is on the CD-Rom, normally set in the BIOS.

For he Asrock motherboard, simply press F11 when told so during initial boot sequence.

Boot Parameters

The boot prompt looks like this:

boot: gentoo dokeymap

Actually the "dokeymap" did not help me with my danish keyboard, but maybe some other language will work for you ;-)

Parameters that can be added are listed by pressing F1 or F2, if no input is made, the boot process just continous after a short while.


# modprobe sis900
# net-setup eth0

I chose dhcp and wired in the net-setup menu, worked just out of the box ;-)


# modprobe sata_sis

Gentoo Installation

Just follow the Gentoo Installation documentation for amd64, I used another virtual terminal to surfe to Gentoo

# links

..or go directly to the amd64 installation manual

# links


The onboard sound chip is, to my knowledge, a SIS7012, supported by the driver "intel8x0". It is working to some degree, but I'm not able to control the volume level, it's some kind of stuck at the same level, and I'm still looking for a solution.

Another little hint is that the setting for "IEC958 Capture Monitor" MUST be MUTE (OFF), else all sound will be off, except CD player sound.

After the Installation

After the installation I've got following output from df:

# df -h
Filesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/sda3              82G   12G   67G  15% /
/dev/sda4              68G   13G   52G  20% /home

.. the 160Gb disc was splitted into two partitions.

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