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Abit AV8

Abit AV8 board is a powerful motherboard for amd64 platform.


You do not need to worry about driver problems in Abit AV8, fortunately all of the components works perfectly under linux.

Kernel Config


It is just "good" to have alsa built into the kernel instead of having modules under amd64 arch. This is what might want to have in your kernel config.


that's all. just

emerge alsa-headers alsa-utils
/etc/init.d/alsasound start

and you're done.


Abit AV8 Uses VIA Velocity, what you need is;



Overall, Abit AV8 board works great on linux. I highly recommend this for users who needs stable,powerful,hackable and heavy overclockable board.

µGuru (uGuru)

The Abit AV8 uses the Abit uGuru chip to read/control most sensors in its motherboard. Unfortunately, Abit has consistently refused to provide datasheets on the uGuru chip to the general public, including the lm_sensors development team. This prevented lm_sensors from supporting these boards for several years.

Frustrated by the situation, Olle Sandberg, an avid user of Abit motherboards, decided to fix the problem. In early 2005, he successfully reverse-engineered much of the uGuru chip internals and released his own sensor application under the GPL. This application, called oguru, was later ported into a kernel module. It reached stability as of the 2.6.18 Linux kernel. Therefore, as of lm_sensors version 2.10.1, monitoring uGuru boards is standardly available.

For the history of the situation and more detailed information, please see the kernel documentation for the "abituguru" module (usually located in "Documentation/hwmon/abituguru") or the Abit Forums uGuru on linux.

uGuru in Python

Patrick Stinson has written a python module that can access the various sensors on a uGuru motherboard.

Download tarballs here

Subversion access:

$ svn co

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