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Intel Core2 Duo T7300 @ 2.00GHz
Intel Mobile 965GM / X3100
Intel High Definition Audio 
Intel USB UCHI (x2)
Intel USB2 EHCI (x1)
Intel 82801 (ICH8) SATA storage 
Intel ipw4965 AGN wifi
NetLink BCM5787M Gigabit Ethernet PCI Express  RealTek RTL-8139/8139C/8139C+ wired

Firewire Texas Instruments TSB43AB23 IEEE-1394a-2000 Controller
MMC/SD adapter (?)
PCIExpress port (?)

Internal devices on USB bus : 
USB Bluetooth (?)
USB camera Bus 003 Device 003: ID 064e:a101 Suyin Corp. (Crystal Eye v4l2 drivers)
USB Fingerprint Sensor Bus 004 Device 002: ID 16d5:6501  

Upek fps/tcs4

2 Button PS/2 Trackpad

SATA hard drive
PATA cdrom drive

Kernel configuration

Works with vanilla kernel 2.6.25.

Hardware status

Note: Hardware marked with suspend2 blacklisted must have it's drivers compiled as modules so they can be unloaded before suspending to disk. This is already the case in the kernel config for suspend2 attached below.
CPU Yesdual core, cpufreq, integrated heat sensors (Needs kernel 2.6.22 with CONFIG_SENSORS_CORETEMP set)
ACPI YesButtons: power, lid, brightness. AC Connector: plug, unplug. Battery.
DVD-Recorder YesTested with k3b
Trackpad YesAutonatically detected by with evdev driver
USB YesTested with mouse, HDD external case
Wired ethernet Yes
Wireless ethernet Yes
Bluetooth Partially testedTested against Sony Ericsson cellphone (ping works), and mouse. (suspend2 blacklisted)
X11 Yesxorg 7.3 + aiglx + dri + Mesa 7.0 runs smoothly at 1280x800. [xorg.conf].
Sound Partially testedalsa intel hd driver. Setup in kernel. Built in speakers, headphone connector works. Microphone and line in/out need testing.
Internal SD card readerUntested
Multimedia keys PartialSee Multimedia keys section.
built in webcam Yes Driver USB Video Class (UVC) available in kernel 2.6.26
fingerprint reader Partially tested
Internal modemUntested
External monitorUntested
TV-out PartialUp to vanilla-sources 2.6.25, no detection of cable plugging/unplugging after boot. Starting from vanilla-sources 2.6.25, cable plugging is detected.
Suspend to ram Partialworks using sys-kernel/vanilla-sources 2.6.25 (resolves bug with i915 driver). But sound can disappear (until reboot) or HDD external case can cause a crash when resuming.
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