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Alba-Experiment aka Let the Sun emerge is an experimental implementation of the Gentoo package management system (portage) and build environment on Solaris 11/OpenSolaris.


This section higlights the features used to make portage working on Solaris:


The best way to test Alba Experiment is on a Solaris Zone to avoid the complete destruction of your Solaris installation.



Note that if you have a non-core installation of Solaris some files could be overwritten. Using the Solaris package method (pkgadd) to install the stage1.5 should help you in finding conflicting files. To ensure that portage would not overwrite files you don't want while emerging packages, use the FEATURE='collision-protect' parameter into /etc/make.conf.
zone# groupadd -g 250 portage
zone# useradd -u 250 -g portage -G portage -d /var/tmp/portage -m -s /bin/false portage
zone# pkgadd -d <STAGEFILE>
zone# cd /opt
zone# svn co portage-x86-sunos
zone# ln -sf ../opt/portage-x86-sunos/profiles/default-sunos/x86/5.11/ /etc/make.profile
zone# echo x86-sunos >> /usr/portage/profiles/arch.list
zone# binutils-config i386-pc-solaris2.11-2.16.1
zone# gcc-config i386-pc-solaris2.11-4.1.0

Working with Portages

To Do and things that could be done better

Known Issues

Stage1.5 Release 2006.04.06

Recent News


Portaris Another project

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