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Battery should last 5 hours according to the reseller, but it does not last as long in Linux for me.


You can find the patch needed for suspend-to-ram+S-ATA there:

RTC has apparently some problems, I have no idea yet why:

select() to /dev/rtc to wait for clock tick timed out

Graphic Card

See this HowTo.



For 'optimal' sound settings, I prefer the following (in alsamixer):

PCM: Unmuted, 74 (try around, 74 sounds good for me, no hissing)

Headphone: Unmuted and your volume of choice


For suspend-to-ram the best explanation you can find right in your kernel tree: /usr/src/linux/Documentation/power/video.txt

On this Notebook the video does not come back automatically, so we need to use vbetool as described in workaround 6. Suspending/resuming in console works with that.

To get your S-ATA working after resume you need a kernel patch:

After Resume the X-Server does not work. You can currently only use it in text-mode.


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