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The Asus A8N-VM-CSM is a good Socket 939 micro-ATX board, with decent features, and loads of stuff onboard, including two onboard video ports, one DVI and one VGA.

Compatibility overview

Note 1 (20060424): due to ACPI related issues in the DSDT for the currently shipped 0506 bios, the system must be either booted without acpi or the DSDT must be fixed to allow X Window to function properly without lock-ups. I will add relevant links shortly. Updated: The new 1001 release BIOS fixes the DSDT thus ACPI related issues are now gone. Update the BIOS to resolve this issue. (source: a8nvmcsm_AT_intervisit_DOT_com)

Note 2 (20060424): the optional TV-out bracket is hard to purchase in Europe, but can be purchased from overseas here*. Since, no optional active components are involved, a simple DIY cinch bus connected to the motherboard will work for CVBS (FBAS). Unfortunately, the resulting video (PAL and NTSC) has a lot of colour saturation and also some strange diagonal lines. Actually, the image is hardly acceptable. Will check the S-Video output shortly. Will provide details on the X Window configuration shortly. (source: a8nvmcsm_AT_intervisit_DOT_com)

Note 2a (20060518): I've installed the TV-Out bracket. Works well, but with one bit of strangeness - the S-Video out setting gives only black and white output on my TV (ie, luma is preserved, but not chroma). In xorg.conf, setting Option "TVOutFormat" "COMPOSITE" in the "Device" section of the Nvidia card gives me a colour picture. Picture is slightly saturated, but nvidia-settings helps to offset the worst of the heavy colour. Still no idea why S-Video doesn't work. The S-Video encoding does seem to be the default BIOS output format, since until X starts up, I can't get colour. I don't know if there is an option to get the BIOS to use Composite format - doesn't seem to be. (source: neilDOTdunbar_AT_pobox_DOT_com)

Note 3 (20060424): the normal video card output is extremely well and a lust for the eye. Have not tested hi-speed games yet. Glxgears reports appr. 1138 fps in idle state. (source: a8nvmcsm_AT_intervisit_DOT_com)

i386-32bit support:

x86- (Vanilla) snd-hda-intel works with some problems. Adding the module option "position_fix=2" seems to fix some problems (works with analog output in 2 channel mode).

AMD64 support::

Supported, in kernel 2.6.18, with the snd-hda-intel driver. Not sure how long it's been supported, but it works perfectly here on 2.6.18.

Note 1 (20060424): the alsa-project has released alsa-driver 1.0.11 in a final state on 20060419. This driver is at the time of writing still in the instable ~amd64 portage branch, but fully functional with kernel 2.6.15-r7 (i.e. it solves the high pitched sound due to a surround bug in the alsa-driver, and also the crackling sound as reported by some users is not present). So, it will only be a matter of time before the sound is fully supported for mainstream users. The sound is pretty good, not as good as with a dedicated sound card (e.g. the M-Audio 24/96), but acceptable. (source: a8nvmcsm_AT_intervisit_DOT_com) Note: Output of more than two audio channels is very buggy/non existent, but stereo output works fine.

Update: alsa-driver 1.0.11 is now marked stable for amd64. (source: neilDOTdunbar_AT_pobox_DOT_com)

Update: alsa-driver in kernel 2.6.22 still has the same bug reported by a8nvmcsm_AT_intervisit_DOT_com playing 2-channel audio when configured for 4-channel or 6-channel output in alsamixer. Use this config in /etc/asound.conf to work around the bug (allows playback of 2-channel audio by forcing a software upmix to 4-channel audio): (source: dch24_on_the_gentoo_forums)

pcm.upmix_4ch {
	type plug
	slave.pcm surround40
	slave.channels 4
	route_policy duplicate

pcm.default upmix_4ch

i386-32bit support:

- x86- (Vanilla) forcedeth works [dhcp, normal ip traffic works]
- x86-2.6.16-gentoo-r13 forcedeth does not work [all traffic is lost]
- x86-2.6.16-gentoo-r7 forcedeth does not work [all traffic is lost]

Note 1 (20060518): SATA drives are fully supported in 2.6.15-r7, using the autodetected sata_nv driver. (source: neilDOTdunbar_AT_pobox_DOT_com).

Note 2 (200600605): I have a SATA drive but I had to upgrade my BIOS to 0702.

Notes: * - TV-out bracket can be shipped to Europe, even though it's not listed. Their shipping system doesn't take into account GST/VAT taxes and duties.

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