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What works

Most hardware on this machine appears to be supported. However, you will run into more hardware issues if you are not using a very recent kernel. This is, unfortunately, the case if you are booting from the 2007.0 distribution.

2007.0 x86_64 LiveCD or LiveDVD

When booting from the 2007.0 x86_64 LiveCD or LiveDVD, here is what you can expect:


Possibly works:

The 'installer' program

I have found that the network install works best for most cases, however with this computer, neither the ethernet adapter nor the wireless ethernet are recognized by the livecd, so I was initially unable to use this option. Trying the "networkless install" option, I had it fail twice, both times halting part way through and ceasing to make any progress. I did not investigate the issue further and moved on to other strategies. If you have the full LiveCD or the LiveDVD, you can try to install using the stage3 tarball that is on the CD/DVD. See [1] about this.

There are other ways to get a network connection that may enable you to use the network install from the liveCD environment. If you are able to do it, this might be the best way to get Gentoo installed. These include using IEEE1394/firewire, or special USB link cable to network another computer that can share an internet connection, a USB ethernet or wireless network adapter, a USB serial or parallel adapter, or a pci express networking card, etc. You might have a cable modem or dsl modem, or router, that offers network connection. Getting any of these to work is beyond the scope of this document, and I can't verify any particular setup that will work. You will obviously need to verify that any device you wish to use is supported by the liveCD environment.

2007.0 x86 LiveCD or LiveDVD

It is possible that one might have better, or worse, luck with the 32 bit version.

How To Make It Work

I am working on figuring out the best, easiest, and/or fastest ways to get things going. For the moment I am still working on things myself. If you can't wait, and, if your like me, and you just got your new F3Ka, you probably can't, there are a few links and tips that might help you.

Built-in USB webcam
 idVendor           0x174f 
 idProduct          0x5a31 
 bcdDevice            5.15
 iManufacturer           2 Sonix Technology Co., Ltd.
 iProduct                1 USB 2.0 Camera
 iSerial                 3 SN0001
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