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General Information

The Asus M2N-MX SE PLUS is a motherboard with an AM2 socket for the AMD Sempron/Athlon64/Athlon64 X2/Athlon64 FX processors. It is based on the NVIDIA GeForce ™6100/nForce ™430 chipset.

This manual is to help with drivers on Gentoo (or any other Linux) for this motherboard M/B. It should work both for x86, since I was unable to run amd64 Gentoo minimal CD 2007.1.


Technical specifications:

FSB 2000 / 1600 MT/s
Memory Dual channel memory architecture 2 x 240-pin DIMM, support max. 4GB DDR2 1066/800/667/533 ECC and non-ECC, un-buffered memory
Expansion Slots 1 x PCI Express x16 slot
2 x PCI
Others see more on official product page

Official Asus Product Page

HW configuration

Motherboard ASUS M2N-MX SE PLUS
CPU Athlon 64 X2 4000+
Memory 1x Kingston 2GB DDR2 800 PC2 6400 (nonECC) (KVR800D2N5/2G)
Storage 2x Seagate Baracuda 7200, 10 T-Lite 80GB, SATA II, 8MB cache, 7200rpm (ST380815AS)

SW configuration

Dist Gentoo 2007.0 i686
Kernel 2.6.24-gentoo-r3 (gentoo-sources)
Storage Software RAID + LVM


Enter the menuconfig of your kernel and set the following options:

Linux Kernel Configuration: Sensors on M2N-E
Device Drivers --->
 I2C Support --->
  <*> I2C Support
  <*> I2C Device Interface
  Miscellaneous I2C Chip Support --->
   <M> EEPROM reader
 Hardware Monitoring Support --->
  <*> Hardware Monitoring Support
  <M> AMD Athlon64/FX or Opteron temperature sensor


Enter the menuconfig of your kernel and set the following options:

Linux Kernel Configuration: Network card
Device Drivers --->
    Network device support  ---> 
         Ethernet (10 or 100Mbit)  --->  (it will work as Gigabit)
   [*] Ethernet (10 or 100Mbit) 
    <*>   nForce Ethernet support
        [ ]     Use Rx and Tx Polling (NAPI) (EXPERIMENTAL)

(then enable PHY)

         PHY device support  --->
   <*> PHY Device support and infrastructure
   <*>   Drivers for Marvell PHYs



This page is based on Asus M2N-E.

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