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The ATI All-in-Wonder and the X10 remotes can be configured either as a kernel module or using LIRC. If you use the kernel module it will appear as an additional mouse and keyboard and will *not* work with LIRC.

Configuring as a kernel module

Add support in the kernel

Make sure your /usr/src/linux symlink points to your kernel source folder, and run make menuconfig in there.

Linux Kernel Configuration: enabling Ati remote control
Device Drivers  --->
	USB support  --->
	<M>   ATI / X10 USB RF remote control

Then save and exit. Do make modules and then make modules_install

Load the module : modprobe ati_remote

The next time you start X you should be able to control the pointer using the big directional pad and the buttons should all be mapped to keyboard inputs.

Configuring using LIRC

Add the following line to /etc/make.conf:

File: /etc/make.conf
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