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# emerge reoback
# nano -w /etc/cron.daily/

HOWTO The Home Network for Beginners

File: /etc/cron.daily/

# Backup mysql databases
mkdir /backup/mysql
mysqlhotcopy -u root --password="********" --regexp=. /backup/mysql/

# Location of the configuration file.

# Change to reflect where REOBack is installed

# Do not modify this line.
$reoback $config

# Removing mysql folder
rm -r /backup/mysql
# nano -w /etc/reoback/settings.conf
File: /etc/reoback/settings.conf
# Used only as an identifier for this backup. Normally the hostname.
host            = localhost

# This is the number of days you want to keep backups.
backupdays      = 7

# Definitions of files/directories to backup.
files           = /etc/reoback/files.conf

# Directory to store temporary files generated by REOBack.
tmpdir          = /backup/reoback/tmp/

# Directory to store data files generated by REOBack.  Files created
# here are files used to keep track of FULL/INCREMENTAL backups.
datadir          = /backup/reoback/data/

# Location of where to keep local backups.  Also use as a temporary
# storage of archives for transfer. Keep trailing slash!
localbackup     = /backup/reoback/backups/

# 1 = Keep local backups, 0 = Do not keep local backups
keeplocalcopy   = 1

# 1 = Transfer to remote location, 0 = Do not transfer
remotebackup    = 0
# nano -w /etc/reoback/files.conf
File: /etc/reoback/files.conf
File: MySQL

File: Mails_Testsite1

File: Mails_TestSite2

File: HomeDir_TestUser
# crontab -u root -e
File: /tmp/crontab.XXXXXXX
10 3 * * * sh /etc/cron.daily/ >> /backup/logs/backup.log
# mkdir /backup/logs
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