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Banshee is available in the official Gentoo Portage tree. To update or install Banshee under Gentoo, use emerge:

emerge banshee

Banshee is currently marked ~amd64, ~ppc and ~x86, and as such, several packages must be added to /etc/portage/package.keywords if you are running a stable system.

Banshee supports many formats and options. To enable or disable the available options you should run:

emerge -pv banshee

Then add the USE flags to your /etc/make.conf or simply

USE="useflagsyouneed" emerge banshee

View Banshee ebuild status (;name=banshee)

Maintainer Information

If you have questions regarding Banshee on Gentoo, please contact the package maintainer: Luis Medinas (metalgod): metalgod at gentoo dot org

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