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A little about Barry....

From its web page :

Everyone who knows what Gentoo is has probably seen Larry the Cow at one point or another. He's the cow that got fed up with the other Linux distros and found peace and happiness with Gentoo. Well, Barry (by no official means) is Larry's simple, kind hearted brother. Barry helps get all those cvs and development software builds together. He also helps keep us in check when we need to update the site. In short, he's an important member of the breakmygentoo staff.

When I made the Gentoo-Wallpapers collection, we had a few drawings by Crimson of Larry. Within a few days of creating that collection, Crimson messaged me and asked me if he could do some artwork for Barry. We greatfully accepted this offer, and so the Barry artwork you see is that of Crimson. Feel free to drop him a line of thanks from time to time. He did an incredible job designing Barry :)

Where has Barry been all this time? Simply not created until now. However, he's a pretty busy cow with his clothing line and all those ebuilds he has to get taken care of :) We should have gaim icons and avatars available soon!

-- Karl

Should "Barry the Cow" be known as "Barry the Bull" or "Barry the Bovine"?

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