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Common instructions

Don't forget to change to root


Emerge required packages

Note: This HOWTO assumes you have installed CUPS

If you do not have CUPS installed, refer to:

emerge -va foomatic-db

Download the driver

Download the PPD on The HL-1250 Driver will work perfectly. Choose a directory you can easily access, like your home directory.

Install the Printer

Go to the console, make sure you still have root privileges and type:

foomatic-configure -s cups -n Brother -c file:/dev/usb/lp0 -p Brother-HL-1430 --ppd $HOME/Brother-HL-1430-hl1250.ppd -o PageSize=A4

This will install the Printer (-p) Brother HL-1430 on usb port, named as (-n) "Brother" with A4 as page format using the downloaded PPD File specified with (--ppd). Once the printer is installed, you can change the settings easily via the cups browser-interface.

Check your installation

Go to your favorite browser and type in http://localhost:631 (cups must be installed, running and listening on the standard port 631). If you have CUPS installed but not running, go to the console and start it with:

 /etc/init.d/cupsd start
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