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Note: This article was split from the wine HOWTO in order to get a better oversight of Cedega and wine. If you use Cedega, please update as needed.

Cedega users should look to TG for more information on getting the newest patch to run. For more information, please look at the Unofficial Transgaming Wiki or Transgamings Official Forums.


Setting up Cedega

Now is when you can switch to cedega if you really want to. Run WoW.exe with cedega (without -opengl for now). Everything should start up as normal. If you don't have a cursor, see the section below for that fix. Now you should be able to play the game normally (except for random crashes and bad framerates which I experience on a regular basis with the latest version of cedega and the latest WoW patch).

Note: D3D Cursor fix no longer exists.

Performance fixes/tweaks

Firstly, turn off all pixel shaders and filters in the game settings. I turned off vsync too since it was getting uppity. You can also turn off IOMMU support in your kernel, that will boost the FPS problem.

Also turn off the pixel shaders manually in the cedega might help. In P2P/Cedega 5 UI Right Click on your game icon (WoW) -> edit profile -> Graphics and there are the options. These settings are per game, so no worry about messing up other games config.

PixelShaders Uncheck Version: don't matter since it's unchecked. Vertex Shaders Check. VertexShaderMode isnt' to worry about (yet) from the config file it is to be found that Software shaders aren't implemented yet anyway.

You can find this manually in ~/.transgaming/config if you don't have the latest cedega. Don't bother with the latest cedega as it will rewrite your file if you do it manually. Set Code:

File: modify ~/.transgaming/config
 "VertexShaders" = "Y"
 "VertexShaderMode" = "Hardware"
 "PixelShaders" = "N"

This turns off the pixel shaders in cedega itself. Just to be certain ;). You may also notice AA filtering just above these two options. It's up to you whether or not you enable it. Things may look nicer, but it may slow things down as well. I run with max AA.

Enabling hardware rendering

Note: This is for nvidia cards only.

Make sure that you are actually rendering the game in OpenGL, and not software. With software mode, you will most likely get only 1 FPS no matter what. If you have this problem, just switch to the opengl interface with this command (as root).

Code: Switch rendering interface
# eselect opengl set nvidia 

Exit X, Log out and back in, then start X again. Startup WoW, and you should be fine.

See this thread for more information.


Works perfectly. Just download a version and copy the Interface directory to the appropriate place. That's all there is to it.

OpenGL issues

For Versions 4.3 + the following has been repaired and can be ignored. For Versions smaller than 4.3 WoW will crash when a building is entered or left. For fixing this you have two choices:

Fix method 1 (needs cosmos)

Edit the MiniMap.xml file in Interface/FrameXML. You'll be making the following change:

File: Edit MiniMap.xml
            Minimap.timer = 0;
 +               ToggleMinimap();

Where the line with a '+' is the line that is being added. That should hide the minimap automatically when you enter a building, but I can't guarantee it works since I'm running happily in the d3d version with my wowfix :D. EDIT: Apparently with cedega 4.3, opengl mode is fixed so that the minimap no longer causes this crash. If you're using 4.3, disregard the above section. Opengl mode in cedega does NOT, however, work with the latest WoW patch.

Fix method 2 (doesn't need cosmos)

2) Use the d3d version (without -opengl).

Those are your two options as far as opengl mode is concerned.

I can't remember any other things that need to be said on the topic (except to remember that you're running X in 24 bit mode and WoW is set to do the same), so I'll just say that I've been playing since the final stress test before the open beta and I haven't noticed any performance changes along the way. It still runs perfectly.

I play in 1280x1024 resolution with maximum detail in the game config, and I play it inside E (enlightenment 16.7.2) without issues. There are a couple things that might irritate you if you aren't aware of them prior to doing them though. If you alt+tab out of the game while holding a button (the walk forward button, for instance) you will continue to do whatever that button makes you do (walk forward in this case) until you switch back to the game and press that button again.

Have fun!

Water slowdown fix for cedega users

Right click on your game's start icon (WoW) -> edit profile -> general

set Windows to Win98

then go to the 'graphics' tab and set

Fixed Program to No


The old transgaming/wine manual way:

File: add to wine.conf
  ;; WoW
  "Windows" = "win98"
  "FixedProgram" = "No"

Seems to work on some systems, mine didn't need it. YMMV.

OpenGL fix for ATI users

Not needed with the newest version of the ati-drivers.

Here's an opengl fix for ati users (so you can use regular wine instead of cedega):

pagefault wrote:

As an ATI user I find it much faster than the D3D mode, but you are probably all aware of the corruption. The reason for this is because of an buggy OpenGL extension. GL_ARB_vertex_buffer_object you can filter this out in cedega. To do this in wine you need a GL extension filter library which can be found here: Follow the instructions in the file and filter out the said extension after you install and activate it per instructions when you use the Makefile. "export FILTER_EXT="GL_ARB_vertex_buffer_object". The game should now work fine without any graphical corruption.

This is also explained on

Big thanks to pagefault for pointing this out.

Here's another performance fix which I find to be extremely effective: In your wine config file, set

File: Add to your wineconfig
  "Desktop" = "current desktop resolution"
  "UseDGA" = "N"
  "UseXVidMode" = "N"

In WoW, set it to run at fullscreen in the resolution that you set in your wine config file. With this little tweak, I notice a large increase in framerate.

Also, sound should be disabled on Wine because it is choppy and will reduce your frame rate by an incredible amount if left on. If you need sound, use Cedega.

Known Issues

This section is about failures which are already known, but to which there is no known solution yet.

Everything works but hangs after selecting character and entering world

Problems have been reported where everything works (Wine 20050524) for installing and patching WoW. But after selecting the character to log in with and pressing the "Enter World" button, the game hangs. This happens at least with a configuration of: Radeon M10 card (Compaq NC6000 laptop), fglrx_6_8_0-8.14.13-1, Wine-20050524, running "wine WoW.exe -nosound -opengl". After loggin in the game may draw a few frames, so that the world and some objects are shown, but then the game just hangs. Everything works with Cedega 4.4. No workaround known at the moment.

I have this problem with cedega 4.4.1 after a new motherboard ¨äsrock k7upgrade-880" was installed, all other components were as previous 6800 Gamer Edition AGP with 256MB ram.

Same thing with Asus A6KM (nvidia 7300 Go) and cedega 5.2.2. The game hangs at the loading screen. No progress bar advance or anything.

Same problem with nVidia 6600 on windows with the latest versions of WoW

Can not interact with NPCs, PCs or other objects in the game, but UI works fine ("mouse bug")

With latest patch 1.5.1 some Cedega and wine users have problems to clicking on NPCs and gathering loot. It is reported that the issue is still present in the upcoming 1.6 patch. We are guessing that this is caused by memory corruption in WoW. We do not know when a real fix will be presented. Here are some workarounds which may or may not work since this is very box dependent issue. The range reaches it get fixed completly to crash with #132. Cross your fingers that Blizzard comes up with a solution soon.

Another Workaround

Another way reported to work is to set the following variable in the command-line:

Code: Export the library

Workaround Cedega

To Cedega users: Memory issues in games is common. Because of this, they have built in a workaround. Please set the following in your config:

"MemoryLayoutOverride" = "0x10000000"

Note: For me with cedega 5.0.3 this did NOT work. The previous (export) workaround however DID work.

Target Marker and other Aiming features

These seem to beneath the surface. This is said to be a Blizzard bug.

The workaround for Cedega is not needed for 1.9 (it will actually undo the fix).


Please look at the Cedega Forum or other sources for Cedega. If you know any please enter them here.

Special Thanks

The following people have done a lot in order to get WoW running on Wine. Thank you for helping ensure this wonderful game runs on wine.

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