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There is a less then perfectly documented feature of the latestest Asterisk builds that will allow you to utilise many models of cell phones as active, 2 way, voice channels addressable from Asterisk.

The current title of this module is chan_cellphone. It appears to be misleading, as much of the information out there implies that it also supports bluetooth headsets as addressable devices. Additionally to the voice capabilities, it provides SMS and presence features.

Of course, if you are a hobbiest VoIP tinkerer, these features sound like something fun to play with, but the documentation is sparse. Currently most links end up here [1] which is debian oriented(and unfortunatly not a language I speak). I intend to document and note what is needed to get this working on Gentoo with Asterisk 1.4 and standard bluetooth.

My Process


I already have asterisk 1.4 installed from the voip overlay in layman, so I just updated portage and layman, then started the compile to update asterisk. While I may have to actually manually install from patched source, I decided that having my gentoo install up to date might be a good idea.


I had already connected my bluetooth reciever, so I just want to emulate the article earlier as close as I can:

emerge -a bluez-utils bluez-libs

After that completed I used subversion to get the latest asterisk:

svn checkout asterisk-trunk

Downloaded the latest patch from and patched it:

wget -c "" mv file_download.php\?file_id\=13885\&type\=bug chan_cellphone.patch

and patched it: cd asterisk-trunk/ patch -p0 < ../chan_cellphone.patch

ran the bootstrap:(I have no clue what this is supposed to do) ./

and built it:

./configure make menuselect make make install

And copy the files that might be needed: cp -R contrib/bluetooth/* /etc/bluetooth - fails cp configs/cellphone.conf.sample /etc/asterisk/cellphone.conf

restarted bluetooth and asterisk(not reload) logged into the asterisk manager and tested: >cell search Address Name Usable Type Port 00:0A:BC:DE:F1:23 MYPhone Yes Phone 6

>cell show devices - fails right now, I think I need pairing setup first - looking into it...

you should not connect so can they please look into the KDE and once you confirm there on the Bluezserver the password by hand, at least this is a problem in Suse 10.1 10.2 at Asterisk and Cell Phone

and should enter their DTMF tones inaccurate and false figures recognize soo correct itself with the easy entry DTMFSKIP = 83

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