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Compact Flash


Basic Setup

Kernel Setup

PC Card

First you need a basic PC Card setup, see this guide.

Linux Kernel Configuration:
Device Drivers  --->
    <*> Serial ATA (prod) and Parallel ATA (experimental) drivers  --->
        <* >   PCMCIA PATA support


Linux Kernel Configuration:
Device Drivers  --->
    [*] USB support  --->
        <*>   Support for Host-side USB
        <*>   USB Mass Storage support
        Choose a driver for your hardware:
        [ ]     Freecom USB/ATAPI Bridge support
        [ ]     ISD-200 USB/ATA Bridge support
        [ ]     Datafab Compact Flash Reader support
        [ ]     Microtech/ZiO! CompactFlash/SmartMedia support
        [ ]     USBAT/USBAT02-based storage support
        [ ]     SanDisk SDDR-09 (and other SmartMedia) support
        [ ]     SanDisk SDDR-55 SmartMedia support
        [ ]     Lexar Jumpshot Compact Flash Reader
        [ ]     Olympus MAUSB-10/Fuji DPC-R1 support

Software Setup

PC Card

TODO by someone, who has such hardware.


See this guide.

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