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ATI Radeon Mobility 7500 Chipset

Works with kernel radeon driver. Flightgear do 5 fps at 1024x768-32 only :-(

ati-drivers seems don't work with this chipset.


This works out of the box with

Linux Kernel Configuration: LAN
Ethernet (1000 Mbit)  --->
 <*> Broadcom Tigon3 support


Compag's Wireless LAN W200 is USB based device. Should work with orinoco-usb. There is some info from Ubuntu community about it.


Works with smsc-ircc2 module. Conflict with 8250 module must be solved: Ensure smsc-ircc2 module will be loaded before 8250 module or try a PNP patch from Bjorn Helgaas.

It isn't possible to set resources in bios and kernel PNP stuff don't solve some conflicts. May be you must disable ECP parallel port mode (in bios) to make IrDA working.


ALSA works with snd-intel8x0 kernel module. Set some level on AUX input to make PC-speaker audible (console beeps).

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