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FvwmTaskBar does not take any special arguments.

Specific Options

FvwmTaskbar will default to three Rows. I think that this is a bit excessive, so I just keep it at two.

Specifying DeskOnly prevents the task bar from reading into the other desktop's windows. If you want, you may change that to PageOnly, to read only the windows on the page you're currently on.

UseSkipList tells the task bar to skip the windows its told to skip. (The WindowListSkip line tells it this)

The StartName and StartMenu options specify the name, and menu that should be pulled up when the user clicks the "start" button. To hide the startbutton, specify no Start* options, and specify NoDefaultStartButton.

I don't have a UNIX style mail box, so I tell it None to tell FVWM not to look for mail. Clock format is tricky, see man strftime for info on the format.

Additional buttons can be specified as well, as noted below.

File to Read

File: ~/.fvwm/ConfigFvwmTaskBar
AddToFunc StartFunction
+ I Module FvwmTaskBar

*FvwmTaskBar: Geometry +0-0
*FvwmTaskBar: Rows 2
*FvwmTaskBar: DeskOnly
*FvwmTaskBar: UseSkipList
*FvwmTaskBar: UseIconNames
*FvwmTaskBar: StartName $[HOSTNAME]
*FvwmTaskBar: StartMenu Main
#*FvwmTaskBar: NoDefaultStartButton
*FvwmTaskBar: MailBox None
#*FvwmTaskBar: Button Title xTerm, Icon mini/xterm.png, Action (Mouse 1) Exec xterm
*FvwmTaskBar: ClockFormat: "%a %R"
*FvwmTaskBar: DateFormat: "%A %B %d %Y"
# For some reason the above doesn't work
#*FvwmTaskBar: Action Click3 Menu FvwmWindowOpsMenu
#*FvwmTaskBar: AutoHide 5
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