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DOSBox is an open source DOS emulator for BeOS, Linux, Mac OS X, OS/2, and Windows. Primarily focuses on running DOS Games.

Installation of DOSBox

emerge dosbox

How to run it ?

It can be started from the console or from a KDE/GNONE run menu with the command:


After that, type help for a list of shell commands and intro for a brief explanation of how to use DOSBox.

How to install a Front End for DOSBox

It is very easy to use all featues that DOSBox provide through a nice FrontEnd. Currently the best DOSBox front end for Linux is DBoxFE. It will require Qt 4.1

emerge dboxfe

Configuration files

See dosbox.conf. Most configuration options are simply passed to the dosbox executable from the command line or link. Emerging DOSBox does not automatically create a dosbox.conf. Type:

config -writeconf dosbox.conf

inside DOSBox to generate the config file.

Fullscreen mode

In order to switch to fullscreen mode press ALT+ENTER.

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