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Dell Latitude X1
Dell Latitude X1



12,1 inch display @ 1280x768
Intel Pentium M
Intel 915GM chipset (ICH6)
Up to 2 GB RAM  	
Intel GMA 900
ALPS GlidePoint touchpad and trackpoint
Toshiba hard drive
NEC DVD+/-RW optical drive
Broadcom NetXtreme BCM5751 Gigabit Ethernet
Intel PRO/Wireless 2200BG / 2915ABG or Dell TrueMobile 1300 wifi
Dell TrueMobile 350 Bluetooth
Conexant AC'97 modem
Intel AC'97 Audio
USB 2.0
Texas Instruments SmartCard reader
Ricoh RL5c476 II PC Card controller
Ricoh R5C552 Firewire controller
Ricoh R5C822 SD/SDIO/MMC/MS/MSPro adapter

The notebook is identical with the Samsung Q30.

Hardware Status Overview

Device Working Driver Troubleshooting
Processor Processor Image:Tick.png
Drives and Storage Hard Drive Image:Tick.png ata_piix
Optical Drive Image:Tick.png ata_piix
Firewire Image:Tick.png ohci1394
Compact Flash unknown
SD and MMC card readers Image:Tick.png sdhci
USB USB Image:Tick.png uhci, ehci
Graphics Intel Image:Tick.png i915, intel See below
Input Devices Keyboard Image:Tick.png keyboard
Touchpad Image:Tick.png synaptics
Trackstick Image:Tick.png evdev
Functions Keys Image:Tick.png
Networking Ethernet Image:Tick.png tg3
WLAN: Intel Image:Tick.png ipw2200
WLAN: Dell Image:Tick.png b43, ndiswrapper
Modem unknown snd-intel8x0m
Bluetooth Image:Tick.png hci_usb
Sound Sound Image:Tick.png snd-intel8x0
Other PC Card unknown yenta_socket
Smartcard Reader unknown
Hardware Sensors unknown i8k
Suspend to RAM unknown
Suspend to Disk unknown

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BIOS Update

Dell has release a couple of BIOS updates, addressing some issues and adding some features (changelog). But beware! Some people have reported a serious performance issue with versions A03 and later, where the CPU frequency (or the maximum CPU frequency if CPU frequency scaling is active) is lowered when the temperature reaches 70 degrees celsius. Downgrading to version A02 is a solution if you have this problem.

Repeated Keystrokes

If you experience that the system repeats your keystrokes many times, you may want to consider not using the ondemand CPU frequency policy with cpufreqd. I experienced repeated keystrokes every time the system increased the CPU speed (e.g. the enter key was repeated when typing "emacs<ENTER>").

Contrast / Brightness problem

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