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2.6.25 AMD/EMT-64


Kernel Configuration

   <*> Sound card support
       Advanced Linux Sound Architecture  --->
       <M> Advanced Linux Sound Architecture
           PCI devices  --->
           <M> Intel HD Audio
           [*] Build IDT/Sigmatel HD-audio codec support

Webcam support

emerge linux-uvc for webcam (works in skype) provides /dev/video

Network configuration

Wireless configuration

iwl4965-ucode wpa_supplicant


ifplugd resolvconf

RAID configuration

The default configuration from DELL uses the raid hardware built in. This can be accessed by adding dodmraid to the options when booting the livecd. You should see a device in /dev/mapper/isw_xxxxxxxx_ARRAY which you can use in fdisk to partition the disks.

Sound configuration

The sound and microphone can be configured using

alsamixer -V all

Unmute all the items upto Capture, set Capture, Capture 1, Capture 2, Digital, Mux, Mux 1 and Mux 2 to 100%. Finally set Digital Input Source to Digital Mic 1, and all Input Sources to Front Mic.

The above configuration gives a working mic and speakers, however I am not sure you need to do all of it and this needs testing.

Bluetooth support

bluez-libs bluez-utils

Optional packages

emerge irqbalance for SMP IRQ balancing.

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