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IDE Controller: ATIIXP

I had repeated lock ups under load when using this driver in UDMA5 mode. During emerges it would lock the OS up hard and I would have to power down to recover. My work around was to force the UDMA mode to 66MHz and then the board became stable.

Update 2006-09-30: traced to a out of SPEC round IDE cable.

PCI Slots

The board appears sensitive to which cards you put into which slots. I have a PCI firewire card with an Agere chipset. Installing it in the bottom PCI slot prevented the board from posting.

APIC errors

Like other ECS boards, this one slowly fills the dmesg ring buffer with APIC Errors. I believe this is related to unserviced interrupts from some piece of hardware and appears to be annoying but harmless.

Spurious ACPI messages

if you're running acpid your logs will fill up with:

ACPI group thermal_zone / action thermal_zone is not defined

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