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A small HOWTO for installing and using ePSXe PSX emulator with Gentoo Linux.

Installing on x86 architectures

First we install few apps:

# emerge -av psemu-gpupetemesagl psemu-peopsspu epsxe

Then you need to aquire the PSX BIOS, either from your playstation or other means.

# mkdir /usr/local/games/epsxe/bios
# cp bios.bin /usr/local/games/epsxe/bios

Make sure you are part of games group:

# gpasswd -a your_username games

and then execute

$ epsxe

Go to Config -> BIOS and select your BIOS-file, it's located in /usr/local/games/epsxe/bios/. Then close ePSXe.

Then what we are going to do is creating personal memory cards for you. It's pretty simple.

$ cd ~/.epsxe/memcards/
$ touch epsxe000.mcr epsxe001.mcr

Start ePSXe and go to Config -> Memory Card and load your memcards.

Installing on other architectures

On other architectures, the packages in Portage might crash. If this is the case for you, try the binary from the ePSXe download page.


Now you are ready to play. Insert your PSX game in your CD drive and load it at File -> Run CDROM.

For the maximum entertainment, you need a gamepad of course. If you have one, this might help you with installing:

Have fun :)

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