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I recently bought an Energizer UPS because it looked like a good deal, very cheap price. Once I got it home, my first question was; how do I hook it up?? This guide will hopefully help you get the software going for your new energizer ups.

Energizer Ups is supported by the NUT (Network UPS Tools) project. So the first thing we should do is install it:

emerge sys-power/nut

Note that you need the sys-power/ because there is another non-related app-misc/nut. Make sure you have added usb to your use flags. I also added cgi so I can get the webpages for apache.


To use the energizerups driver, you need to USB hid support compiled into your kernel.

Linux Kernel Configuration:
Device Drivers  ---> 
 USB support  --->
  <*>   USB Human Interface Device (full HID) support
   [ ]     HID input layer support
   [*]     /dev/hiddev raw HID device support

Make sure not to enable HID input layer, because it will cause problems with this UPS. If you have to recompile, make sure you reboot your computer before proceeding.

Finding it

In your /dev/usb you should see a device like hiddev0. If you don't you probably screwed up something in compiling your kernel. If you have more than one hiddev, then you'll have to figure out which one belongs to your UPS. I suggest looking at /proc/bus/usb/devices.

Now lets see if your Energizer UPS model is supported by the driver, download the driver from Viktor's page unzip it and build it. If everything goes ok type

./qups /dev/usb/hid/${HIDDEV} I

where ${HIDDEV} is your device name (ej. hiddev0)

Kernel module

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