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What is it?

Evidence is Enlightened File Manager. It has many neat features like browser view. Screenshots available at Evidence homepage

Please note that Evidence is still under development and does have bugs. Follow this howto at your own risk!


Gentoo method

Everyone likes to emerge. However it might not be an option in this case. For me, both ebuilds evidence- and evidence-9999 (which is an live cvs-build) failed so I had to do the install by hand.

Still I suggest everyone to try this one first, of course.

Ok. We need to unmask evidence ebuild. To do this, use command

echo "app-misc/evidence ~x86" >> /etc/portage/package.keywords

Then try to emerge

emerge evidence

If the emerge fails, next possibility is to try live cvs build. This usually isn't very good idea because of you will not only get the newest features but also newest bugs. If you still want to try, then modify file /etc/portage/package.keywords and change app-misc/evidence to app-misc/evidence -*

File: /etc/portage/package.keywords
app-misc/evidence -*

Then try to emerge again

emerge evidence

If both of these fail for you, read on.

Doing it manually

First you need to get all dependencies. Do

echo "app-misc/evidence ~x86" >> /etc/portage/package.keywords

emerge -o evidence

Note: you do not have to do these steps if you have tried to install with emerge

Then go to to download sources. (You can also find a very good compiling instructions from there.)

Note: do all following steps as root

Extract the package.

tar -xzvf evidence-<version>.tar.gz

Then goto directory created (might be like evidence-0.9.8) and do following:



make install

This will make and install evidence to /usr/local. If you want to change this, use --prefix=/usr with ./configure (That would install to /usr).

If you don't have file configure do ./autogen to generate it.

More help can be found at


Evidence is not ready. It can not be used as default filemanager yet. But you can try it with command /usr/local/bin/evidence or if you changed prefix then <your prefix>/bin/evidence

You should be able to customize evidence by editing files at /usr/local/share/evidence

How to uninstall

Go to evidence source directory and do

make uninstall

That should be enough.

Or if you installed via emerge, then this should do it emerge --unmerge evidence

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