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Here you can find a fairly complete list of portage tools. This includes packages found in portage itself along with others that haven't (yet) made their way into portage.

Please note that I am no portage expert. I put these guides together so that I can more easily learn about it.

Packages by source

Commands which are part of a package but have a different name are listed below these packages.



portage[1]The Portage Package Management System (Similar to BSD's ports). The primary package management and distribution system for Gentoo.
  • emerge


abeni[2]Integrated Development Environment for Gentoo Linux ebuilds
ebuilder[3](down)Package Builder for Gentoo Linux
envtestThis ebuild display the environment for an ebuild. It's for portage-testing purposes only and will _always_ fail.
eix[4]A replacement for 'emerge search' with search-index plus a lot of other features
epm[5]rpm workalike for Gentoo Linux
esearch[6]Replacement for 'emerge search' with search-index
flagedit[7]CLI use flags and keyword editor
genflags[8]Gentoo CFLAGS generator
  • host2flags, info2flags, info2host
genlop[9]A nice emerge.log parser
gentoo-stats[10]Gentoo Linux usage statistics client daemon
gentoolkit[11] [12]Collection of administration scripts for Gentoo
gentoolkit-dev[13]Collection of developer scripts for Gentoo
  • TODO: list commands
kuroo[14]A KDE Portage frontend
kentoo[15](down)KDE Portage frontend
metagen[16]metadata.xml generator for ebuilds
mirrorselect[17]Tool to help select distfiles mirrors for Gentoo
portage-utilsSmall and fast portage helper tools written in C
portage-prefpane[18]A Preference-Pane for Mac OS X to configure portage
portagemaster[19]A java portage browser and installer
porthole[20]A GTK+-based frontend to Portage
profuseuse flags and profile gtk2 editor, with good features
splat[21]Simple Portage Log Analyzer Tool
ufed[22]USE Flags editor for the command line

Not in Portage

Until i provide this list you can refer to this thread on the Gentoo Forum. After some cleaning I will also contacted its author and ask him if he wouldn't rather help me with this list

Packages by purpose



eix[23]A replacement for 'emerge search' with search-index plus alot of other features
esearch[24]Replacement for 'emerge search' with search-index


porthole[25]A GTK+-based frontend to Portage
portato[26]A GTK+-based frontend to Portage
kuroo[27]A KDE Portage frontend
himerge[28]A GTK+-based frontend to Portage written in Haskell



abeni[29]Integrated Development Environment for Gentoo Linux ebuilds


ebuilder[30](down)Package Builder for Gentoo Linux

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