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Farsi is the Persian language of Iran. Follow this quick guide to be able to type in Farsi.

Installing Farsi fonts

Unmask then emerge the media-fonts/farsi-fonts package

echo "media-fonts/farsi-fonts ~x86" >> /etc/portage/package.keywords
emerge farsi-fonts

Those fonts should now be enabled globally, but in case they're not just open the KDE Control Center and under System Administration -> Font Installer add all the fonts in /usr/share/fonts/farsi-fonts/.

Adding the Iranian keyboard layout

In the KDE Control Center browse to Regional & Accessibility -> Keyboard Layout. If not already enabled check the Enable keyboard layouts option. Browse through the left list and double click the Iranian layout (left side). It should be on the right hand side now.

This list of keymaps is all the available keymaps with the top most keymap item being your system's deault on startup.

Provided you have Show country flag checkbox ticked in the Switching Options tab, then there should be a taskbar flag icon where you can switch between keyboard layouts (provided you have a KDE system tray).

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