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Firescape is a heavily customized version of Mozilla Firefox. It includes several preinstalled extensions as well as other extras.


Firescape's dependencies are the same as Firefox's, no more, no less. However, Firescape itself is still not in portage, so you'll have to install the ebuild into a portage overlay. If you don't know how to do this, see HOWTO Installing 3rd Party Ebuilds. This HOWTO assumes you have an overlay setup at /usr/local/portage.


Firescape's ebuild uses USE flags to determine what extensions you want to install. The available extensions are "chatzilla, calendar, fasterfox, google, newtab, tabx, and wmlbrowser". Google stands for the googlebar lite, New Tab adds a "New Tab" button on the tab bar, tabx moves the "Close Tab" button to the tabs instead of the corner of the tab bar, fasterfox accelerates Firefox, Chatzilla is an IRC client, and Calendar is a built-in calendar.

$ su
Password: (type your root password)
# mkdir -p /usr/local/portage/www-client/firescp/
# cd /usr/local/portage/www-client/firescp/
# wget
# ebuild firescp-0.1.ebuild fetch
# ebuild firescp-0.1.ebuild digest
# echo "www-client/firescp ~x86" >> /etc/portage/package.keywords
# emerge -pv firescp 
(verify that you're not installing anything that may make your system unhappy...)
# USE="chatzilla calendar fasterfox google newtab tabx wmlbrowser" emerge -bk firescp
(include only the extensions that you want)

Known Issues

Currently, none. If there are any, you should report them upstream.

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