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nVidia Corporation NV17 [GeForce4 420 Go] (rev a3)

In order to get the 1.0-8178 to load properly on a Toshiba S2450-201 with an nVidia Corporation NV17 [GeForce4 420 Go] (rev a3) it is necessary to use the following workaround:

options nvidia NVreg_Mobile=1 NVreg_SoftEDIDs=0

and having these options added to the Device section in xorg.conf:

Option	"IgnoreEDID"		"true"
Option	"IgnoreEdidFreqs"	"true"

If you alsa want it to run in 1024x768 you must place these lines in the Monitor-section of /etx/X11/xorg.conf:

HorizSync    28-49
VertRefresh  43-72

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