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Fujitsu Simens Amilo M7405



Kernel Config

Hardware status

Note: Hardware marked with suspend2 blacklisted must have it's drivers compiled as modules so they can be unloaded before suspending to disk.
CPU YesPentium-M, cpufreq
ACPI YesButtons: sleep, power, lid. Other: ac_adapter battery.
DVD9-Recorder Yessingle layer read/write works. dual layer not. does also not work on Windows.
Synaptics Touchpad YesSynaptics Touchpad
USB YesTested with with mouse, keyboard, bluetooth dongle, storage, Cinergy T2 dvb-t, card-reader
Wired ethernet YesRealtek RTL-8139/8139C/8139C+
Wireless ethernet YesIntel Pro/Wireless 2200BG

net-wireless/wpa_supplicant (0.5.7) for authentication. (suspend2 blacklisted)

Graphics YesSee this guide
Graphics Device YesIntel 82852/855GM dual pipe
VGA-out Yes
TMDS-out (S-Video) Untested
Sound YesAC'97
built in microphone Yes
Firewire UntestedTI TSB43AB22/A
Internal SD card reader NoNo kernel drivers available.
Suspend to ram Untested
Suspend to disk Untested
Multimedia keys YesBacklight controls (Fn+F7, Fn+F8) are hard wired. So is the wireless killswitch and the fan-silence button.
Internal modem Untested

Problems and Solutions


ACPI registers /proc/acpi/thermal_zone/THRM/, but reads always 11°C. No known HDD-temp or other sensors.

O2 Micro Card Reader

# lspci -v
01:03.2 System peripheral: O2 Micro, Inc. OZ711Mx 4-in-1 MemoryCardBus Accelerator
        Subsystem: Fujitsu Siemens Computer GmbH Unknown device 106a
        Flags: slow devsel, IRQ 3
        Memory at e00ff000 (32-bit, non-prefetchable) [size=4K]
        Capabilities: [a0] Power Management version 2

There are no known working drivers for an up-to-date kernel.

Low-Level Backlight Control

No known way to switch backlight off in console.

Hinges Break

Don't operate the lid too often, this notebook has a 'predetermined' breaking point at the hinges.

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