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The Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo Pro V2020 is a sleek black centrino notebook almost predestinated for the use with Gentoo Linux. Almost all components are supported, though the sd/mmc-cardreader is only accessible through PIO mode.


Integrated Video Chip: Intel 855GME

See this HowTo.

Integrated Ethernet: Realtek 8139-clone

The ethernet chip will work with the 8139too driver module.

Integrated WLAN: Centrino/Intel IPW2200

See this guide.

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Integrated Sound/Modem: Intel ICH4

The South bridge, Intel's I/O Controller Hub 4, features an ac97-compatible sound codec. It works with the snd-intel8x0 ALSA driver; the modem should work with the corresponding snd-intel8x0m driver.

The modem was configured to work using the net-dialup/slmodem package and wvdial. The options:
Carrier Check = no
Stupid Mode = yes
were added in the default /etc/wvdial.conf configuration file.

Further Information about the 855GME South-bridge:

Power Management: Centrino / ACPI

The speedstep frequency handling of the cpu can be supported with the cpufreq-modules, including acpi-cpufreq. The scheduler can be selected like shown in the Laptop HOWTO.


Keyboard and mouse are supported out of the box. Since the notebook does not have any connector for external PS/2 input devices, you'll need usb devices in order to extend the input capabilites.

Controller: i8042

The kernel boot option i8042.noacpi will make the keyboard and touchpad input less irratic.

Synaptics Touchpad

The touchpad will work great with the synaptics driver.

PC Card

See this guide. The O2 Micro OZ711M1 is yenta-compatible.


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