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The Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo Pro V2045 is a centrino notebook rather similar to the V2020 series with some small differences. I only mention these differences -- for the other components see V2020.

Integrated Video Chip: Radeon Mobility M300

You have a few options getting the integrated video chip working. You can use the ati accelerated driver see Gentoo Linux ATI FAQ or stick with the xorg supported driver which is unaccelerated but you can hibernate the notebook with it.

I made some experiments with the latest x11-drivers/ati-drivers package (8.21.7), and the latest sys-kernel/gentoo-sources package (2.6.15-r1). I ran a few minutes of games-arcade/ppracer then hibernated my machine. After resume I played a few more minutes. It seemed to be working, so I added this paragraph to the wiki.

Integrated Sound/Modem: Intel HDA AD1986A

It should work with the snd-hda-intel ALSA driver in the kernel stock however it gives a really annoying high frequency sound during stereo audio playback. The beep disappears if the audio source is 4 channels or more. Applying the patch found in the following Intel HDA/AD1986A without surround the playback is perfect but the two surround channels are disabled.

Integrated Gigabit Ethernet Controller: Realtek 8169

The gigabit ethernet controller works with the r8169 kernel module.

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