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English wiki

Name: Mike Valstar
Location: Ontario, Canada
About: Owner/Operator of and and an all around helpful guy. You can usually find me on irc #gentoo (EFnet), Just look for Thrasher7. Hope you like the site, if you have any questions or comments email me, i'm always happy to answer questions.

Contact info: Send me a message
Name: Dmitri Orleanski
Location: Dallas, TX, USA
About: Working on my USMLE ZEN :)

Name: Dmitri Vassilenko
Location: Toronto ON Canada
Education: Studying Computer Science at University of Toronto

Name: Adam Petaccia
Location: Charlotte, North Carolina, United States
About: Student, too much free time. Learned programming concepts, but knows no programming, attempting to learn C.

Name: Jeremy Kitchen
Location: North Hollywood, CA USA
About: Administrator of and avid qmail user and supporter. Operator in #gentoo, #qmail, and #redhat on EFNet IRC.

Name: John Lucero
Location: Camarillo, CA, USA
About: In Progress..

Name: Gabi Shaar
Location: Haifa, Israel
About: Generally poking about the place, cleaning up the wiki, one page at a time :) To be found on #gw-rc@Efnet

The Dutch Wiki

Name: Nikolas Garofil
Location: Edegem, Belgium
About: I keep Garo's shells running (The only free shell account provider that allows compilers and network progams). I can always be found on the IRC channel #gentoo-be (altough it can take some time before I react)

Name: Youri Matthys
Location: Temse, Belgium
About: x86 user. Always up for a challenge!

The French Wiki

French Administrators are listed on this page

The Spanish Wiki

  • AnimAlf (Admin of the Spanish Wiki) <>
    • Name: Alfonso Carrillo
    • Location: Tarragona, España
    • About: I like programming in c and perl, and use sdl and gtk+ libs. Also I like contrib in usenet spanish linux group, and in other sites.

The German Wiki

Name: Richard Hering
Location: Leipzig, Germany
About: x86 User, studying Diplom Mathemathics at University Leipzig, admin of the S.O.D. Rootserver

The Hebrew Wiki

Name: Shimi
Location: Israel
About: AMD64 user, likes Linux (Gentoo, obviously), Networking, Security, etc.

The Hungarian Wiki

Name: Ákos Keresztes
Location: Budapest, Hungary
About: Linux admin.
Website: (only in Hungarian)

The Russian Wiki

Contact info: ru:Send me a message
Name: Dmitri Orleanski
Location: Dallas, TX, USA
About: Working on my USMLE ZEN :)

The Chinese Wiki

Name: Zhang Le
Location: Hong Kong, China
About: My interest is Kernel, Security, :)

Retired Admin

Name: Sridhar R
Location: Chennai, INDIA
About: Bachelor in CS (IV year) - student of College of Engineering, Guindy, Anna Univeristy, Chennai, India.

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