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This is a listing of awards and how they are given out and by whom. If you are not an admin, please do not give out an award, if you wish to nominate someone for an award please feel free to email us on the mailing list.


What You TypeWhat You See
{{Admin active}}
This user is an active wiki administrator
{{Admin inactive}}
This user is an inactive wiki administrator
{{Admin other language}}
This user is a wiki administrator on another Gentoo-Wiki wiki
{{No asshole}}
Image:Rodeo_clown.pngThis user is not an asshole without a life who needs a dozen status templates, instead this one suffices.



What You TypeWhat You See
Image:Dollarsign.pngThis user is financially supporting Gentoo Wiki

Edit Count Awards

What You TypeWhat You See
{{Award edits 500}}
500This user has contributed over 500 changes to the wiki
{{Award edits 1k}}
1KThis user has contributed over 1,000 changes to the wiki
{{Award edits 5k}}
5KThis user has contributed over 5,000 changes to the wiki
{{Award edits 10k}}
10KThis user has contributed over 10,000 changes to the wiki
{{Award edits 50k}}
50KThis user has contributed over 50,000 changes to the wiki
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