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Copyright placed on written material should be respected. Some popular licenses are: GPL, GNU Free Documentation License, Creative Commons, public domain (no rights reserved).

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this wiki is in public domain. That means that anyone can take any information from here, modify it, and redistribute it however they see fit without need for attribution.

If the author has not specified a license, you must get their permission before you can reproduce it on this wiki (if no license is specified, the author has full rights to their work). It is recommended that a link to the original article be made even if the original author clears the article of any copyright.

How to give credit

The following is a suggestion. Need feedback.

== Credits ==

Copyright (C) 2005 Theirname Here
Under the [ GNU GPL2]

which renders as


Copyright (C) 2005 Theirname Here Under the GNU GPL2

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