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Other templates that may be useful but to not fit into any of the major categories


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Thrasher's contributions


Template:Package Info
Portage package management system
Developer: Gentoo Foundation
Package: sys-apps/Portage
Category: sys-apps
License: GPL-2

{{Package Info| Name=Portage| Category=sys-apps| Caption=Portage package management system| Dev=Gentoo Foundation| License=GPL-2| Screenshot=| Website=}}


Templates for use within the UCPT set of articles. See UCPT Index

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Template:UCPT Ebuild Header

Image:Ebuild_file.png Other Templates

{{Template:UCPT Ebuild Header}}

Template:UCPT Category Header

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{{Template:UCPT Category Header}}

Templates that are used in other templates

The templates in this table are used to create other templates.

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[[Image:{{{image}}}|50px|none| ]]


The templates in this table are used in other templates for information purposes, they are only visible on the page of those second templates not on pages that use those second templates

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Note: This page is a template. It contains no Gentoo related information but should be used as part of other articles. For more information, read Help:Templates. Please do not experiment with this template, it could mess up all pages using this template. If you want to change the template, copy the text to Template:Sandbox, edit and test it there and copy it back when it works
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you can see the template documentation in the selftemplate

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