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The following is a list of things that need to be done, and things that need to be monitored on the wiki. Anyone may do these tasks and the administrators will be eternally grateful.

Things For Anyone TODO

  • Categories have started to be used, these need to be added to all pages... Add at your leisure as you edit pages
  • We have enough articles to crosslink them, so please use them if possible.
  • More Wiki related information needs to be added and expanded. The wiki is a little lacking on help documentation and so forth. This would be great to help bring in more users, and help wiki beginners get started

Things For Users TODO

Things For Admins TODO

  • Make sure your user information is up to date and on the Admin Listing
  • Inspect diffs in articles and if it is appropriate mark the article as valid
  • Fix scrolling boxes so that the expand properly when printing, might be a IE bug. Should be a CSS printing edit.

Things to Monitor

  • Update the Offline wiki tar. The bots page says a bot already updates it monthly, but it's not updated since 2005.
  • As new pages are created, make sure they have their respective Index code at the top.
  • The Orphaned pages need a home.. make sure they are linked to their respective index and so forth, See Special:Lonelypages
  • Dead End Pages need to link somewhere. This generally also signifies a lack of an Index listing at the top, See Special:Deadendpages
  • Keep formatting consistent.
  • The other Wanted page needs to be checked. It is mostly definitions.
  • Pages need to be updated to use Definitions, this will shorten articles and make them easier to read. It will also encourage more advanced users to the site.
  • Maintenance, Nuf Said
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