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GFS on PPC64

As of writing this gfs2 is not available on PPC64 in gentoo. This is my attempt at getting it installed. Note the 2.03 branch may only work with 2.6.25 kernels. I tried 2.03.04 and it complained during ./configure --kernel_src=/usr/src/linux that I needed at least 2.6.25 so I downgraded back to 2.02.00.

Get vanilla sources and patch it with the file with "patch -p1 < lockproto-exports.patch" (i.e. if the patch file is in the root of the kernel sources). Make sure you enable gfs2 and gfs2 dlm in the kernel. Compile the kernel and reboot.

emerge --ask --verbose dev-libs/libxml libxml2 slang

Download gfs2

Ddownload openais

Go into the openais dir and run "make && make install DESTDIR=/" . Go into the gfs2 sources dir and run "ldconfig", "./configure --kernel_src=/usr/src/linux-whatever", and then "make install".

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