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glsa-check is a tool in gentoolkit implementing GLEP 14, which deals with the design for a security-only update feature for emerge.


The implementation will take place in the following order:

  1. distribute GLSAs in the portage tree (completed)
  2. release a beta version of the GLSA handling code in gentoolkit (in progress)
  3. move dependency handling code from emerge to
  4. add to portage
  5. integrate functions from glsa-check in emerge and equery

Note: This list might be expanded in the future

Current status

Currently we have a testing version of the proposed implementation released in gentoolkit (versions 0.2.0_pre7 and higher). This implementation consists of the general handling code (in and an interface script glsa-check. While will later be included in portage the interface script is only temporary, its functionality will later be included in emerge and/or equery.

Known problems

Currently the following problems are known in the GLSA handling code:


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