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This tutorials deals with installing the personal lightweight news aggregator Gregarius.

Note: This howto is nearly complete but does not yet run. If anybody knows how to fix it please do and take down this note. Missing is details on creating a SQLite database.



You need to have a webserver installed. If you want to go with LightTPD, you need the USE flags fastcgi and php enabled. See LightTPD for more information. You also need PHP which interprets the code. Enable the USE flags cgi and sqlite.


There is an ebuild available here.


The configuration files will need to be edited or created for both Lighttpd and Gregarius. The database can be configured automatically manually or using the installation script.

Automatic configuration

Note:This didn't work for me as it refused to create a database.

Gregarius has a built-in php script that can configure and build a database. Enter "" in browser and the Database Setup webpage will load.

On this page, all there met requirements will be shown in green. This tutorial is designed for SQLite but MySQL can be used too. Enter all database settings - a database table prefix though isn't really necessary unless dealing with large databases. And enter a username and password. Now a database can be created.

Manual configuration

Optionally, one could create a custom dbinit.php file.

cd /var/www/gregarius
cp dbinit.php.sample dbinit.php
vim dbinit.php

I'm using SQLite which is already installed so I uncomment sqlite and comment mysql.

define ('DBNAME','rss.db:');

Also enter a name and password for the database.

When defining 'DBSERVER' the full path to the SQLite database must be specified:


Note: Need to create a SQLite database here. Unfortuntely, the sqlite documentation is long and I didn't have the time. What I do know:

Gregarius needs PHP database with host, user and database name. Gregarius needs to be able to SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, ALTER and CREATE tables.

<strike>sqlite3 rss.db "create table t1 (tlkey INTEGER PRIMARY KEY,data TEXT,num douable,timeEnter DATE);"</strike>

Create database using a GUI

SQLite Administration Utilities:

  • USE flags - dev-ruby/activerecord sqlite sqlite3


An alternative to Gregarius is Tiny Tiny RSS. It uses PostgreSQL or MySQL.




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