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GyachE Improved (gyachi)
GYachI is spin off of the (very slowly maintained) gyache which are both advanced yahoo messenger clients for linux. GYachI features the ability to use the video and voice conference components of yahoo's protocol like the windows version of ymessenger. There is not currently an ebuild (4/2007) and I don't plan to make one so currently the only way to get it on gentoo is to install the ol' fashioned way. :-)


Pull down the following dependencies using portage as usual. libyahoo2 is masked so:

echo 'net-libs/libyahoo2' >> /etc/portage/package.keywords

Then pull down all of these:

net-libs/libyahoo2 (~masked)
gnome-extra/gtkhtml-2.6.3 (older version)


As of the writing of this document the gtkhtml libs are at version 3.8. From what I understand this will NOT work with gyachi. You need to mask the newer versions of gtkhtml OR if you use the newer version for something else find a way to install both. I just masked newer versions in order to get it working.

After you do that you should be able to get ./configure to run.


First of all the include for pgpme wasn't in the right directory for the make the first time so:
ln -s /usr/include/gpgme/gpgme.h /usr/include/gpgme.h then run 'make' from the gyachi source directory.
Finally run 'make install'
You'll find the gyachi binaries in /usr/local/bin which is in the path... or should be.

Gyachi has a gyachish interface so there you go.

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