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Note: This article applies to Gentoo 2006.1 and kernel 2.6.17. For kernels 2.6.17-gentoo-r8 and up the patches are already included.

To install Gentoo 2006.1 onto a SATA Harddrive connected to a mainboard with a VT8251/VT8237a SATA controller you have to use a Ubuntu LiveCD. The 2006.1 LiveCD's kernel doesn't support the new PCI IDs yet. You could also build your own LiveCD with a patched kernel, but that's a different story.

First, you need a Ubuntu 6.06.1 LTS or later LiveCD. They are available here:

You might want to go for the Ubuntu Server rather than the Desktop version, since the server-cd is about 200MB lighter. Pay attention to your architecture, just as Gentoo they have x86 and AMD64 versions.

Download the image and burn it. After booting it you are presented with a graphical options screen. Choose "Rescue System".

An ncurses interface will come up consisting mostly of progress bars and a few (mostly network related) dialogs in between. Continue until it asks you about the location of the system you want to rescue. At this point, you switch over to VT2 by pressing Alt+F2 and hit enter to activate it.

From now on, just continue according to the Gentoo Install Handbook. Be aware that the Ubuntu CD doesn't have Links installed, so you have to download the stage and snapshot manually with wget. To obtain the URLs you need a second computer or write them down beforehand. You can also try using the command-line ftp client.

The following applies only to kernel version 2.6.17-gentoo-r7 and below, vanilla 2.6.17 and probably early 2.6.18. From 2.6.17-gentoo-r7 on the patches are already included in the gentoo patchset.

When you get to the section "Compiling the Kernel" you have to patch the kernel manually before compiling to make it detect the SATA controller correctly. Here are the steps:

Code: Patching the kernel
# USE="symlink" emerge gentoo-sources
# cd /usr/src
# wget -O VT8237A_PATA.patch
# wget -O VT8237A_PCI_ID.patch
# wget -O VT8237A_SATA.patch
# cd linux
# patch -p0 < ../VT8237A_PATA.patch
# patch -p0 < ../VT8237A_PCI_ID.patch
# patch -p0 < ../VT8237A_SATA.patch
# make menuconfig
... continue according to the handbook

All done, your Gentoo should find the SATA controller now.

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