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a This wiki will guide you through setting up a raid management system for a Adaptec 2120S SCSI raid adapter on Gentoo.

Installation Steps

The first thing that I did was to visit Adaptec's site to get their management software. You have to sign up here for an account to Download it. Apparently they don't offer release the source code, and they don't have an ebuild for it so I resorted to downloading the RPM package.

Being a Gentoo user this is the first time I've ever used RPM's. This is how I didn't right or wrong it worked, and this wiki page was conjured up after the fact so please feel free to make any corrections.

0. The reason why I didn't just run the rpm install command "rpm -i [package]", is because it doesn't recognize that any of the Adaptects-Manager's dependencies are met on my portage/emerge non RPM based distro.

1. Download the rpm base driver from Adaptec. (Sign Up Here)

2. Convert the rpm to a tar.gz

rpm2targz *file*

3. Extract the tar file

tar xvzpf 2120s.tar.gz

4. UnTar the sun Java runtime environment files (I'm not sure if I need these since I have dev-java/sun-jre-bin emerged)

tar xvzpf 2120s/sun-jre142linux32.tgz
rm usr/StorMan/sun-jre142linux32.tgz 

5. Copy The Files Into Your System

cp -Rpiv StorMan /usr/

6. Test it


7. Originally the Adaptect Manager didn't seem to work but after playing around with things seemed to work. Here is my command history

cd /usr/StorMan/
./ port
./ wall
./ wall false
./ log
./ log true
./ auth

7. Test it again...

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