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Network Boot (PXE)

The ThinkPad can boot from a PXE server on the local network. You should keep in mind though that this needs a lot of configuration on an existing PC. You can also boot an existing PC with a Knoppix LiveCD, as it contains a pre-configured PXE server suite, but since the Knoppix CD is only available in 32 Bit, you will not be able to install Gentoo in the amd64 flavour (since you cannot chroot into it).

USB Flash Boot

I went this way and installed Debian 64 Bit on an USB stick (using the normal installer) and booted from that. You can also try putting the LiveCD on an USB stick, but that did not work for me.

There is a pre-built LiveUSB-image that's very easy to use. No need for formating the USB as a bootable device or anything. Unpack the archive, then do:

Warning: If you have other SCSI devices in your computer (like SATA drive), make absolutely sure that /dev/sda is actually the USB stick device (or change the shown commands accordingly). If you don't do so, you'll instantly lose all of your hd's content! Time to say ***make backups***
dd if=/path/to/install-x86-minimal-2006.0.USB.1G.iso of=/dev/sda
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