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What is Basilisk II

BasiliskII and BasiliskII-jit are M68kemulators for Posix and Windows.

Why would one use it

Anyone who needs to run old Mac OS (up to 8.1) applications might find it handy. With one of these emulators, you are free to run (usually much faster) the programs you had in your old Mac on any other architecture supported by Linux.

How to compile

Unfortunately, BasiliskII is not very well maintained, so in order to compile it we usually need a rather old sys-kernel/linux-headers (<=2.6.18) and after emerging it, re-emerge sys-libs/glibc. After that, you'll be ready to compile either app-emulation/basiliskII or app-emulation/basiliskII-jit without problems. You can switch back to a more recent version after of those system programs after compiling.

Where to go from here

The original BasiliskII site went offline, but one can find help in instead. As the setup from now on should be similar to other distros, one should be able to find more information there. Good luck!

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