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You can use RealPlayer to view the Big Brother 9 feeds on Linux.


You must have a SuperPass account.

You will need realplayer:

emerge -av media-video/realplayer

You will most likely need to turn off XVideo:

  1. Launch realplayer with the command: realplay
  2. Turn off XVideo: Tools > Preferences > Hardware > Use XVideo

You can obtain a RealPlayer file suitable for login from:

Pass the file obtained to realplay:

realplay signin.rxml

The Feeds

Now that you have logged in, you can view the BB no timeout feeds:

High speed feeds

Low speed feeds


OSS Support

RealPlayer uses OSS. If you do not have OSS emulation configured for ALSA, you can use the aoss wrapper to use realplay:

emerge -av alsa-oss

Run realplay as follows:

aoss realplay

Sound hogged by realplay

Solution 1: ALSA

Use the ALSA oss wrapper to share ALSA with realplay, as described above.

Solution 2: PulseAudio

Use the PulseAudio padsp wrapper.

RealPlayer doesn't like my signin file anymore

  1. Get a new one.

RealPlayer doesn't like my new signin file

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