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I recently began learning to use Gentoo for my Video needs. I discovered it was possible to record how I use a particular program on the desktop and share it with other people. Unfortunately it saves as Ogg Theora and many of the others in the group aren't able to use that standard. So I learned to convert it. I wanted to share my example so that others can benefit from it and hope other people will share theirs too.


Converting From Ogg Theora To:

There are many different types of videos. To name just a few: mpg, .mpeg, .avi, .ra, .ram, .mov, .wmv, .asf, .mod, .mp4.

mp4 (Using VLC)

The best way I found to was to use VLC and mp4 for a nice image that wasn't at all bloated. Not only does it provide an interface, but it has a wizard that makes it nice and simple. Open you video in VLC and select File > Wizard. Select "Transcode/Save to File" and click "Next". Now choose "Existing playlist item" and you should see the file you just opened in VLC. Check "Transcode video" select MPEG-4 Video. I left bitrate at 1024. "Encapsulating Format" works nice with MP4, then choose a name and Finish. Thats it. My Ogg Theora video actually reduced in size and the video as almost identical to the original.

mov (Using ffmpeg)

Works nice but video is twice the size, and slightly more blurry.

ffmpeg -i desktop-record.ogg -target ntsc-dvd

mpg (Using ffmpeg)

Not Recommended. Image is half the size and larger the the original version.

ffmpeg -i desktop-record.ogg -target ntsc-vcd desktop-record.mpg
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