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This HOWTO details the steps required to have your own domain without a static IP address and without having to pay for anything more than the domain name itself. This HOWTO also details different ways to use dynamic dns, particularly DynDNS.


Adding your domain in Zoneedit
Adding your domain in Zoneedit
Adding a host for your domain
Adding a host for your domain
DNS information provided
DNS information provided

You can register your domain at your NIC and later delegate the domain to Zoneedit's DNS servers.

Software needed

Now you will need to install a program that will update your Zoneedit account every time your IP address changes. There are a few choices including Ddclient and ez-ipupdate.

See Ddclient for the installation and configuration of that program. The steps for installing and configuring ez-ipupdate are here:

First, emerge it:

# emerge -v net-dns/ez-ipupdate

Then create your configuration file:

File: /etc/ez-ipupdate.conf
interface=eth1            # Your external Interface # you must add this host at your
                          # zoneedit account the first time
# Do not change the lines below

Note that in June 2008 ZoneEdit changed their server name from to, so make sure to include the 'server' line to ez-ipupdate.conf.

Then just add ez-ipupdate to start on boot:

# rc-update add ez-ipupdate default

Using ddclient

See the separate ddclient article.

Using a Router


With many routers, you can simply query your router's status page to determine your public (WAN) ip address. This method has several minor benefits, such as reducing the number of requests on For most home firewall/routers, you do not need its admin password just to discover your WAN IP address.

Note: If there's more than one IP address on the status page, set web-skip to the text preceding the IP Address you want.
File: /etc/ddclient/ddclient.conf
use=web, web=, web-skip='IP Address' 

Tested with: U.S. Robotics 8004 on ddclient 3.6.3


If you are using ddclient, uncomment this information in ddclient.conf:

File: /etc/ddclient/ddclient.conf
use=linksys,                fw=           # via Linksys's internet FW
fw-login=user,             fw-password=secret              # FW login and password

Tested with: LinkSys Model: XXXXX

To set up Dynamic DNS from the router interface:

  2. (some settings page)
  3. (XX change setting)


Dynamic DNS DDNS Enabled Disabled Server Address :

Host Name: FQDN registered with dyndns

Username: dyndns user name

Password: dyndns password

UPDATE: D-Link claims that this feature does not work as of 20051031. [1]


Every thing seems to work fine out of the box behind a Netgear router.

DrayTek Vigor2600Ge

This router has direct support for Works fine.

Or just change /etc/ddclient.conf to use: use=web, web=

instead of use= whatever

See also

Using noip-updater

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