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MPP Free Edition is the fastest and simplest way to create a complete virus and spam scanning application complete with comprehensive Webmin management, end-user review tools, GUI quarantine management, extensive logging and more. MPP Free Edition is wikipedia:middleware for email security and provides a high performance interface between email servers (Sendmail, Qmail, Postfix and CommuniGate Pro) and the open source engines ClamAV and SpamAssassin. The MPP is more than a conduit between the email server and scanners. It provides security features such as extension blocking, recursion check, mime checks and file size limitations, handy features like adding disclaimers to emails, complete GUI management via our intuitive Webmin module and more!

The Webmin module allows for spam and virus quarantine management, log monitoring, configuration of all virus and spam options, per-user and MySQL based virus and spam quarantine, and more.

Think of the MPP Free Edition as an ultra-fast alternative to open source tools such as MailScanner or AmavisD, with great GUI management and user-friendly installation, docs and management. MPP requires no compiling or Perl expertise. MPP Free Edition comes with NO warranty but has mailing list support.

Quickstart Guide for MPP Free Edition

  1. Download the correct installation file from the free downloads page.
  2. Untar the file with tar -zxvf filename
  3. Run the installer or RPM.
  4. Look in /usr/local/MPP and run ./ to setup your email server and set the correct scanners.
  5. MPP should now be installed and running, check via ps -aux for the mppd process.
  6. Install the Webmin module using Webmin's add module facility. The module is located here.
  7. Config file is in /usr/local/MPP/mppd.conf if you don't use Webmin.
  8. Problems? Check the manual or use the mailing list,
    You can join by sending an email to
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