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this need to be updated because things changes rapidely

Target Support Install Documentation Stage3 Installation livecd Bugzilla Support In the main portage tree Mascot/logo
FreeBsd Desktop, supports a lot of architectures Official, usable (testing) avaliable inside gentoo mirrors,into the experimental folder totaly unofficial (catalyst isn't working yet) Yes(freebsd,gnu/kfreebsd) Yes Daemon
OpenBsd Server, supports most of the same architectures as NetBSD, focus on security Stopped (no developers) avaliable Yes No Puffy the Blowfish
NetBsd Embedded, portable, new architectures (because of it's portability) Unofficial (no bugreport), stage3 just finished (less advanced than FreeBsd)avaliableYes No NetBsd flag
Dragonfly bsd Yes No a dragonfly

status of the developement of the 3 bsd (gentoo)

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